Laptops, Wifi, and Sperm. The Facts.

Can Laptops and Wifi Cause Sperm Damage?

The research is starting to come in.  The verdict is that wifi and laptop computer use can damage your sperm.

This is of little consequence to most men.

But for men that are trying to have a baby, this is serious news.  Damaged sperm can cause all sorts of problems for someone trying to conceive including:

  • Difficult conceiving due to lowered sperm count
  • Difficulty conceiving due to poor sperm mobility
  • A risk of poor insemination due to bad sperm
  • A risk of a damaged DNA being used for conception that could lead to birth defects or a miscarriage.

Here are the facts.

LAPTOPS MAY DAMAGE FERTILITY, an article from BBC news proclaims.

The article quotes Dr Yefim Sheynkin, from the State University of New York at Stony Brook as saying:

“Men who use laptops regularly should be very careful.
“Further work is needed to see if regular laptop use is a risk factor in male fertility.” 

This article sites a Argentinian and US study that shows:

After just four hours sitting under a Wi-Fi-connected laptop, 25% of the sperm samples were no longer mobile and nine percent showed DNA damage. Meanwhile, only 14% of the samples stored away from the computer were inactive, and they showed minimal DNA damage.

Twenty-five percent of sperm no longer mobile?!  Nine percent DNA damage?  That’s huge.  In fact, if I was trying to NOT have a baby, putting a laptop on my lap might be exactly what I do.

What can you do?

Well you can stop using your laptop on your lap.

Or may we recommend using BabyDaddy Boxers.  They block 99% of the radiation from reaching your sperm production areas.   Protect yourself!

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