About Us

We’re Here to Protect You:

BabyDaddy Boxers has created a pair of boxer shorts designed to block the flow of electromagnetic radition to the sperm producing machine in the male body.

Technology to Protect

Our RadBlock fabric inhibits 99% of electromagnetic radiation that research suggests may be detrimental to sperm production and  sperm motility.

Protection and Peace of Mind

There is no research at this time that specifies that our boxers might raise your sperm count or improve your sperm motility.  The protective barrier of our boxers are meant as a preventative step for the positive outcome of those seeking fertility.

We think of our product  as a first step toward promoting fertile outcomes.  Do you want to try medical interventions:  daily medications or invasive procedures?  We believe our non-invasive method is a logical first step before trying more drastic treatements.

History will show whether this radiation is particularly harmful to conception.  The jury is still out.

For now, we hope that you, like us, prefer to err on the side of caution.  Unlike other forms of medical interventions, there are no side effects from using our boxers.  There is no new routine.  Like other medical interventions, there is no guarantee that our boxers will help you. But there is a guarantee that we cannot hurt you.  Safety and peace of mind, provided just by changing your boxer shorts.  What could be better?

Let’s Change the World

What if cell phones really do harm fertility?  Well, then we are providing a great service.  We hope that the experience of our customers shows that eliminating sources of radiation from male reproductive organs does improve fertility.  Feedback, testimonials, and, of course, babies.   Those will be the real proof.  If we can get the attention of the world, then proper medical studies can be done.  So you aren’t just helping yourself, you are helping everyone who wants to have a baby.

Our Guarantee to You

Still doubtful?   Don’t be.

Our boxers come with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied, for any reason.

Try us first…..

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